Summer Library Program

How does this Summer Library Program work?

Theme: Find Your Voice

Registration: During these uncertain times, it is very, very important to have each participant registered.  We must have contact information for each participant (for emergency contact, a worst case scenario). Pre-registration is preferred, but we must have a completed registration before your Child or Teen can attend a program!


Please read and agree to the following:

I understand the City of Villisca may photograph or videotape the events or activities in which my child is participating. I hereby grant permission to the City of Villisca  to use submitted photographs and video on our social media sites, library websites, and other official publications. I give my permission witht the following understanding that these photographs/video may be used for publication, advertisement, and promotions for the City of Villisca and/or Villisca Public Library website, Facebook, newletters, scrapbooks, or other official publications and displays without further consideration or compensation. I also acknowledge their rights to edit photographs/video at their discretion. I hereby give permission and authorize the City of Villisca and/or Villisca Public Library to use and reproduce submitted photographs/video of my child/children for an undetermined time limit.

I hereby grant permission for my child/children to participate in an event sponsored by the Villisca Public Library. I give permission for my child/children to travel with and/or participate in the Villisca Public Library Summer Reading Program at the Villisca Community Building, Villisca Walking Trail, and at the Villisca City Park.

Use this for Registration/Permission to Participate for your Child/Teen/ or Family Program. Form can be found HERE. 

Where? How? We are currently planning in-person programming for this summer. Most activities will be either at the Villisca Community Building (when available), the Villisca Walking Trail, or at the Villisca City Park. Schedules with details will be available May 19, 2022.

Reading Logs: We have ditched the weekly reading logs, but you are encouraged to read all summer long! Our Reading BINGO card is good all summer, so you have multiple options to Read for Beads until school starts again!

Read for Beads: Attend your first program and receive your necklace and first bead. (The necklaces and beads are for ages 3 and up.) Other beads may be earned as the program goes along. Keep your necklace at home; we will send the beads home in a plastic zipper bag after each program.

The Incentive Game (BINGO Cards): Complete 8 of these activities during the summer and turn it in to the Library for a prize! These activities can be done anywhere, in any town.If you are visiting Grandma in Timbuktu (lucky you!) for the summer or you are in Child Care in another town without Uber service to Villisca and can’t attend our program, this is a way you can still participate. You can even email me your reading activities each week: Game cards are available at the Library or I can email it to you (email me first and I will reply).

Swimming lessons happen. GO! Learn how to swim, and pick up an activity bag-to-go before or after your lesson. We’ll catch you the next week!

For our Grand Finale Water Fight in the City Park, please wear clothes that can get wet (swim suits would be great), wear some type of footwear (no bare feet, please), and bring a towel. We will provide the water squirters and water bombs.

Questions? Call 826-2452.

Bad Art Night with the Library Family Program- (Date to be determined) in the Villisca Community Building. Your family group will create a work of art from assorted materials provided, along with hot glue, spray paint, and (perhaps) glitter! Creations will be on display at the Library for 2 weeks. A People's Choice Award for the Favorite Bad Art Creation will be awarded. Please register your family using the link listed above. Please enter FAMILY in Grade Just  Completed. Thanks!

Tie Dye in the Park Family Program (bring your own item to dye)

Free program for the whole family! (Date to be determined) in Villisca City Park. Please bring something to tie dye and wear clothes that you won't mind getting stained. We will have the tie dye supplies!!!  Join us for some great, messy fun! Please register your family using the link listed above. Please enter FAMILY in Grade Just Completed. Thanks!