Coronavirus Response

Villisca Public Library – COVID-19 Library Building Reopening Phased Plan*

Phase 4 (by July 14, 2021): To ensure staff safety, if a library patron ignores social-distancing protocols, the library management reserves the right to ask them to leave. (We are currently at this level of operation). Wearing masks is optional at this time.

The majority of library services are reintroduced. There may be limitations on larger group gatherings for meetings and programs. Programs for children in elementary school and older may be offered, as well as adult and teen programming, and safe hygiene and physical distancing will be practiced. Staff members have been fully vaccinated.

Library is open with full hours to the public. We are happy to have the library used as a gathering place (24 patrons maximum). Keurig beverages available.

  • Replace all removed furniture and slow roll out of toys
  • Summer Reading Program will be in-person, with physical distancing practices in place.
  • All computers available and back to normal time limits. Headphones available for checkout.
  • Restrooms available for public use.
  • Water fountain will be available for public use after we get it restarted.
  • Conference room available for public use.
  • Physical distancing guidelines have been relaxed to allow for smaller group gatherings. Large group gatherings are still considered a risk.

Summary: Service desk is fully staffed. Device checkouts are permitted and all computers in operation. All seating areas are back on the floor.


*** All subject to change based on current Covid-19 restrictions***