For Parents

Villisca Public Library Resources and References

for Homeschooling Families

  • Iowa Department of Education – – Click on Blue Bar Education COVID-19 Guidance and Information. Scroll down to and click on Resources for Families and Educators. Click on the (3-31-20) Resources to Support Learning. On the left hand side is a PK-12 list of Resources to Support Learning During COVID-19 by category. Or scroll down page for General, By Subject, or By Learner Characteristic. Lists multiple resources for learners of all ages.

  • Green Hills AEA – – Click on the blue Media box. Lists resources available from their Media center. Click on the blue Parents box gives a list of some of the services provided to children and families.

  • Southwest Valley School District – - Click on Resources and Forms at the top of the page.

  • The State Library of Iowa - – Click on the blue FOR LIBRARIES box. Click on the C-D tab. Scroll down and click on COVID-19 and Libraries. On left hand side, click on Free Online Resources for Libraries and Patrons During COVID-19. Lists resources available at the time of posting (last April, 2020).

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