Biggest Snowman Contest

In 2019, the Library held a contest to see who could build the Biggest Snowman Ever. Photos of the snowmen were submitted, along with photos of the tape measure showing the finished measurement.

The 2019 Villisca Public Library Biggest Snowman Ever Contest Winners were...

Tallest Snowman made by an Individual Builder was made by Jackson Fisher. It measured 55.75 inches tall.

Largest Group Snowman was built by the Villisca Before and After School Program team. It measured a cool 80.25 inches tall!

The Widest Snowman was built by cousins Gus & Layla. It measured 240 inches around the widest section. It came in second place in the Tallest category at 85 inches.

The Longest Snowman was built by Julia and Corrine. Their flat snowman measured 768 inches long.

And the Tallest Snow Princess was built by Natalie, Olivia, and Jaylynn. It measured 94 inches from the tip of her tiara to the hem of her ballgown. Her ballgown had a circumference of 189.5 inches at the hem.