Cabbage Magic Color Change

For this, you will need: 1 head of red cabbage (check out the grocery store or farmer's market), a blender, a strainer, a gallon pitcher, 6 glass quart jars (often used for canning. Ask your mom or grandma), and paper and marker or pencil. You will also need 1 cup each of white vinegar, lemon juice, ammonia (used for cleaning), household bleach, and 1/2 c. baking soda mixed with 1 cup water.

Chop the red cabbage into small chunks and blend with water in the blender. Only half of the cabbage will fit. Be sure to keep the lid on tight! Place the strainer over the gallon pitcher and pour the blended cabbage through the strainer. Repeat until you have blended the entire head of cabbage. Throw the blended cabbage onto the compost pile or feed it to the chickens. Measure out equal amounts of cabbage juice (about 2 cups) and pour into glass quart jars. 

Label one jar CABBAGE JUICE and set in the middle of a counter or table. To the left of the cabbage juice, place 2 jars. To the right of the cabbage juice, place 3 jars. Label the first jar on the left LEMON JUICE and the second jar WHITE VINEGAR. Label the 3 jars on the right AMMONIA, BAKING SODA, and BLEACH. Carefully add 1 cup of each labeled additive to each jar of cabbage juice, carefully observing the change in color. Stir the baking soda into water and mix well before adding to the cabbage juice. Be very careful handling the ammonia and bleach. They both have strong odors, and bleach will cause clothing disasters.

Don't forget to send me pictures of your cabbage juice results so I can post them :o)

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