Floating or Sinking Crayons

Directions: Download or Print form Crayons Float or Sink? on the left hand side of this page. Find crayons matching colors listed above. Fill a clear plastic container half-full with water.
1. Predict what each color crayon will do in the water.
2. Drop a crayon into the water and record on the chart what that color of crayon did. You may have to give each crayon about a minute to settle into position. Were your predictions correct?
3. Using a different brand of crayons, repeat process and record those results. Were your results the same, or different, for each color?
4. Hypothesize why some colors floated and others sank to the bottom. Add a note to the bottom of the form.
5. Complete the form with your email address and submit by June 11, 2014 to qualify for a prize :o)

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